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Lone Ranger Mini Lunch Box Christmas Tree Ornament (KS400)

Hallmark 1997 pressed tin is 3 1/2 wide by 2 1/2 tall mini lunch box to hang on the tree for Christmas or any other occasion.

New and in the original box and bubble wrapped. Pictures are of the front and back of the lunch box. Makes a great gift for someone that you know is a Lone Ranger fan.

Mini Lunch Box Ornament

The Lone Ranger & Silver Christmas Tree Ornament (KS401)

Hallmark-Keepsake Ornament handcrafted and dated 2000. New in original box and was sculpted by Duane Unruh.

The left picture is of the decorative box and the left is of the actual ornament. The detailing is superb. A must for every Lone Ranger Fans Christmas Tree.

LR Tree Ornament

The Lone Ranger Chrome Silver Bullet (KS402)

45 Caliber (NO POWDER) These chrome plated bullets (not real silver) shine beautifully. No polishing necessary.

Completely safe, no license or permit required.

Please do not insert these bullets into real guns. Due to the heavy plating they will jam and do damage to the cylinders. Intended for show only.

This is a replica of the original Lone Ranger bullet with a "Lone Ranger" clear label on the side of the bullet which makes this an exceptional rare gift for anyone or for you.

It comes standard in a plastic case for protection and storing as seen in the second picture.

If you want to make it an extra special gift it can be put in a beautiful velour black pouch as seen in the second picture on the left. The ultimate gift for that Lone Ranger fan or for the person who thinks they have everything.

Only available for shipment within the USA

Standard or Velour Pouch

Real Silver Bullet .999 Silver (KS403)

This is real silver .999 Silver (1.5 troy ounce)

(For The Lone Ranger Fan Club members only)

This bullet can not be fired or used in a gun. It is real silver just like the bullets The Lone Ranger
was said to have used.

There is no powder in this bullet. It comes with a certificate of authenticity and each bullet is numbered and ownership is recorded in our data base.

This is a great once in a lifetime item for display, a gift or to pass on to a relative. Being .999 silver the bullet will always have value along with sentimental value.

Limited amount available - order yours today.... Only 1 in stock

Real Silver Bullet

Lone Ranger Style Toy Mask (KS404)

This is the toy Lone Ranger Mask for the kids and adults for fun. It has a white elastic string to hold it firmly on your head.

One size which will fit all kids and adults.

Member / Non-member

The Lone Ranger Mask (KS405)

These mask have been especially made to the specifications of the original Lone Ranger mask. One of the original mask sold a few years ago on auction for over 40 thousand dollars.

This is NOT a cheap toy mask.

Now you can own a mask made just like the original.Totally authentic.

There were two styles of mask that Clayton Moore use to wear. Pictured above on the left is the larger mask, which covers the nose. The picture on the right shows the smaller mask which does not cover the whole nose.

Either mask will fit anyone. Made of felt over a plaster of paris mold with an elastic strap. This mask is ideal for the Lone Ranger fan that always wanted that special mask and wants to display it in a collection or to wear occasionally. Only comes in black and in your choice of the two styles.

Only available for shipment within the USA

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Good Luck Horse Shoe (KS406)

Used and worn - A good luck horseshoe

An acutal steel shoe that has not been cleaned or polished, soaked or washed. Just wiiped with
a dry cloth. The choice is yours to totally clean, if you so desire.

Approximately 4 inches wide - varying sizes

Hang it over your door for good luck.

Only available for shipping in the USA

Good Luck Horseshoe

Lucky Coin (KS407)

The Lone Ranger Hi-Yo Silver Lucky Coin from the 1950's. About the size of a US 50 cent coin (1 1/2 inches in diameter).

Comes in a coin cardboard and cellophane cover for protection.

A real keepsake for the future or for the real Lone Ranger coin enthusiast.

Very Rare Coin

Hi-Yo Silver Lucky Coin

Lone Ranger & Silver Bumper Sticker (KS408)

The Lone Ranger and Silver Bumper Sticker

Support your Hero - Keep the history of The Lone Ranger alive with a bumper sticker for everyone to see.

"An American Hero", Hi-Yo Silver Away. A great conversation starter so be prepared to explain the morals and honesty of The Lone Ranger and his companion Tonto.

Available for shipping within the USA only

Click on the image to see a better picture

Lone Ranger Bumnper Sticker #408

Lone Ranger for President (KS409)

The Lone Ranger for President

Display this bumper sticker and let everyone know the type of person you would like to see as President. A person that is honest and trustworthy.

It will definitely get a lot of conversations started.

Click the image for a better view.

Lone Ranger for President

America Needs A Hero (KS410)

America Needs A Hero

Show your support with a bumper stickerfor our Veterans and all of our Military.

Without them our freedom would not be the same

Click on the picture to see a better image


Lone Ranger Deputy Badge (KS412)

Get your own Lone Ranger Deputy Badge

This is a high-quality 50's style Lone Ranger badge. Absolutely perfect if you're a collector of the Lone Ranger's memorobilia or for a special gift to a Lone Ranger fan.

Measuring 3" x 2 5/8", this gun-metal colored badge is outfitted with a heavy-duty pin attachment.

Heavy Duty LR Deputy Badge

Lone Ranger Mug (KS413)

11 oz ceramic mug comes in a nice white gift box. Makes a good gift for every Lone Ranger fan. Featuring The Lone Ranger and Silver with this inscription above the picture - The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Order several now for you and friends. Last year we sold out of these mugs quickly, so do not wait, order yours now.

For anyone that wants a mug that is outside the USA and Canada contact us for shipping rates.

Click the picture of the Mug for a better view.

Lone Ranger Mug

Gene Autry with Champion & Roy Rogers with Trigger US Dollar Bill (KS415)

This is a Personality Dollar Bill - It is a real genuine U.S. dollar bill in mint condition and un-circulated in a clear slide out plastic cover for protection. A must have item.

The process of affixing die-cut photos over George Washington is perfectly legal and permitted by the Secret Service and the Treasury Department. A fantastically different show item with Gene Autry and Roy Rogers.

Only available for inside the USA - No shipping outside the USA

Click on the image to see a better picture

Gene Autry & Roy Rogers Dollar Bills

Dollar Bill Clayton (KS416)

A real dollar bill with the picture of Clayton Moore.

This is a great conversation piece and a treasure for any collector.

Comes in a plastic cover for protection.

Click on the image to see a better picture

Dollar Bill Clayton

Dollar Bill Jay Silverheels (KS417)

A real Dollar bill with the picture of Jay Silverheels

Click on the image to see a better picture.